Nippies Basics in Caramel

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Made with our exclusive breathable Soft-StretchTM technology, Nippies Basics shape, smooth and are slightly supportive. The perfect solution when you can't (or don't want to!) wear a bra. Available in 2 skin tones & basic black in satin and lace for beautiful coverage you won't want to hide.

2 pairs of disposable nipple covers
1 pair of Cream lace and 1 pair of cream satin heart shape
4 nipple pads & 2 mini patch tests.

  • High-quality fabric nipple covers: Stick, go, and stay protected with elegant Nippies Basic nipple covers that don’t feel and look like a wrinkly bandage.
  • Smooth and form-fitting: Stretches to your skin’s natural curve for a comfortable, wrinkle-free fit.
  • Skin-safe self-adhesive: This means no messy glue, tricky application, or painful nipple cover removal!
  • Water-resistant: Feel confident that when you stick our nipple covers on, they’ll stay on. Perfect for the pool, an intense cardio routine, a night out, or the beach.
  • A must-have for when you can’t, or don’t want to, wear a bra: This style staple is a game-changer for halter, strapless, and backless tops. Try Nippies Basic nipple covers with rompers, jumpsuits, tube tops, bikinis, and sports bras, too.
  • Lasts 6-8 hours: Our one-time use Nippies Basic nipple covers have the wear time to hold up during the workday or on the dance floor.
  • 2 Sizes: Small nipple covers fit cup sizes A-C or Large nipple covers fit cup sizes D+.
  • Each pack includes: 2 sets of nipple covers, 1 set of mini covers for skin testing, and 4 protective nipple pads.

*Before wearing your Nippies Basic nipple covers, test for skin sensitivities or reactions. Use the included mini covers and protective pads and wear them for 6 hours, following the instructions below. Discontinue use if skin irritation occurs. If concerned, consult a physician.

How To Wear:
1. Clean and dry skin
2. Carefully remove the back bottom half of cover
3. Place the protective nipple pad in center and stick cover onto your lower breast
4. Peel off the top half, gently pull up and over the top of your nipple, and press on.
*Pull gently to avoid stretching your nipple cover’s shape!

How To Remove Nipple Covers:
Pull gently and carefully. Do not rip off! Dispose once removed.

Size up for a little lift! Lift the top fabric up and apply to give your breasts a boost.

Darker skin tones may lighten or discolor with adhesive use. Do not use nipple covers on open wounds or cuts, skin disorders, sunburned skin, or depigmentation. If you have skin or adhesive sensitivities, wear with caution. Discontinue use if skin irritation occurs.

How to care for:
Your Nippies Basic nipple covers arrive in a small enveloped sleeve where you can keep them safe until you’re ready to wear them. Since they’re designed for one-time use, you can discard your nipple covers after wearing them. (That’s why we recommend keeping a few packs on hand! You never know when you’ll have a style emergency!)